This is my photo gallery

I love you, Mommy...
I love you, Daddy...
Hello world, here I come...
2.985kg you know.
Oh yeah!
Look what tiny feet I got.
That's better with some clothes on.
Why no one wants to carry me?
Finally... This is NaiNai.
Mommy is awaked.
Research shows that people with whorl that turns anti-clockwise are very smart.
Daddy is so happy, I'm not...
Wah, what a crowd!
Yah? Can I help you?
Oh, this is my big brother, and that's PoPo...
And Er Yi.
My brother is very happy.
And he's playing around.
Look at his mischievous face.
Family portrait.
That tickles....
Gor Gor got lots of pattern.
A fish!
More here!
Look at his pose!
He must be thinking of me...
Help! The shark is coming!
So happy.
Is there something on my face?
GuGu and her friends...
I'm hungry!
Ain't I cute?
This is Da Bo.


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